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    Final inspection and handover

    This is the long-awaited final stage. You will receive the keys to the house and therefore take official possession of your home.

    All necessary insurance policies will be automatically transferred to your name and all documents relating to your home will be given to you, namely:

    • The acceptance report (in duplicate) ;
    • The final invoice for the construction of the house;
    • The Déclaration d'Achèvement des Travaux (DAT – Work completion certificate) (filled out in triplicate) ;
    • The boiler inspection certificate (if relevant) ;
    • The septic tank inspection certificate (if relevant) ;
    • The list of companies/individuals involved in the construction project;
    • The thermal performance study ;
    • The certificate of conformity to RT 2005 and/or BBC 2005;
    • The certificate confirming that a timber frame treatment has been applied;
    • The certificate confirming that an anti-termite treatment has been applied;
    • The certificate confirming that blown glass wool insulation has been installed;
    • The Consuel certificate;
    • The Qualigaz certificate (if relevant);
    • The’ Maison de Confiance’  house owners’ guide;
    • The certificate authorizing us to photograph the completed house;
    • The Customer Satisfaction survey with pre-paid envelope.

    Your house will be cleaned before being handed over to you.


    Thank you for having chosen us to be a part of your home-building project.

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    You can rest assured we will be here for you during the entire duration of your home-building project:

    • We are a family-run business that works mostly with locally-based partners
    • Our firm has a well-established reputation for excellence thanks to over 20 years of success in the detached home-building market 
    • All our departments – sales, construction and administrative - offer efficient, fast service
    • Our dedicated engineering and design department is here to turn your dreams into reality.


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