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    RT 2012 (Règlementation Thermique 2012) regulations:


    The new standard for thermal performance came onto the French statute book on 27/10/10.
    The goals for this new thermal performance standard is to reduce energy use in homes by two thirds in comparison with RT 2005.
    RT 2012 innovations: depending on the geographical area in question, energy use requirements for air conditioning, lighting and heating will be calculated using a points system, the Bbio. A certain points threshold must not be exceeded (the Bbio max).
    We now consider the impact of a house in terms of energy use from the design stage on.
    How can you comply with this standard?

    • Boost insulation,
    • Create more skylights (increasing the glassed-over surface area of the building), thus harnessing the sun’s natural heat,
    • Ensure that the floor is as airtight as possible and that maximum thermal inertia is achieved,
    • Comply with a ‘benchmark’ Summertime temperature: the temperature inside the house must be under this ‘benchmark’ Summertime temperature,
    • The  energy consumption coefficient (energy consumed for heating/air conditioning/domestic hot water/running other electrical equipment/lighting) must not exceed 45 to 50 kW per m² per year,
    • Fit the house with a heating system that uses renewable fuels,
    • Systematically note down the energy used for each function (e.g lighting, heating) 
    • Use a software package supplied by the state to enable you to assess your monthly energy bills.

    Would you like to find out more? http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/Lancement-de-la-Reglementation.html




    The DPE (Energy efficiency rating assessment) :


    The Energy efficiency rating assessment is a report detailing your property’s performance in terms of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

    There is a whole raft of measures that cost nothing or practically nothing to implement and which will enable you to save energy and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    These measures centre on:

    • Heating, air conditioning
    • Domestic hot water
    • Ventilation
    • Lighting

    The DPE is valid for 10 years.




    Label HPE 2005 (Haute Performance Energétique – High energy performance standard) : 


    This is awarded for a nominal energy consumption level that is 10% lower than that of the benchmark nominal energy consumption level stipulated in RT 2005 regulations.




    Label THPE 2005 (Très Haute Performance Energétique – Very High energy performance standard) :


    This is awarded for a nominal energy consumption level that is 20% lower than that of the benchmark nominal energy consumption level stipulated in RT 2005 regulations.



    Label BBC 2005 (Basse Consommation Energétique – Low energy standard ) :


    The BBC 2005 standard aims to achieve energy consumption levels that are considerably lower than the levels currently required by the law:

    The standard requirement for residential buildings is set at 40 to 65 kWh of primary energy consumed per m² per year. This covers energy consumption for all purposes (heating, cooling; domestic hot water production, ventilation and lighting) and varies depending on the climatic zone as defined by RT 2005 and the height above sea level of the building.


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