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    Location France

    Location France

    A British company with 20 years’ experience behind it, LOCATION France provides British nationals who are interested in building in France with its full range of expertise and ‘on the ground’ knowledge of local sites.

    LOCATION France is a partner of the companies that constitute Sud Habitat, and is involved in building numerous houses every year.


    LOCATION France and Sud Habitat make the most of their experience in their respective fields by pooling their capabilities in order to accompany you every step of the way during your move to France.

    LOCATION FRANCE will look for the site that best suits your needs and criteria.

    LOCATION FRANCE will advise you during the design phase of your house and outdoor facilities (garden, swimming pool etc) as well as offering guidance regarding all the administrative formalities and financial and banking issues related to your project.

    LOCATION France employs fluent English speakers.

    To find more about Location France : click here

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    You can rest assured we will be here for you during the entire duration of your home-building project:

    • We are a family-run business that works mostly with locally-based partners
    • Our firm has a well-established reputation for excellence thanks to over 20 years of success in the detached home-building market 
    • All our departments – sales, construction and administrative - offer efficient, fast service
    • Our dedicated engineering and design department is here to turn your dreams into reality.


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