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    Our Philosophy


    Our goal: your complete satisfaction!

    • Dynamic, dedicated contact persons along each stage of the project,
    • A team that’s always there for you - whatever you need them for, whenever you need them
    • Advice to help you find a building plot and a dedicated system of monitoring project progress,
    • A large range of houses: different models from the traditional to the more contemporary, bungalows, angled house designs, two-storey houses
    • We offer a selection of highly-flexible, adaptable house models that enable the house buyer to choose their house design and fittings in line with their budget
    • A personalized study of your home loan options,
    • Help with your administrative formalities,
    • Our company works with local professionals and build houses in the départements that are adjacent to our various offices.
    • Weekly site reports informing you of how the project is progressing. Meetings are held at each major stage of the house-building process.

    Our "Maisons de Qualité", quality label commits us to respecting the guidelines laid down by the  Maisons de Qualité trade association and to adhere to values of honesty, transparence, respect for others, creating relationships of mutual trust and civic responsibility.



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    You can rest assured we will be here for you during the entire duration of your home-building project:

    • We are a family-run business that works mostly with locally-based partners
    • Our firm has a well-established reputation for excellence thanks to over 20 years of success in the detached home-building market 
    • All our departments – sales, construction and administrative - offer efficient, fast service
    • Our dedicated engineering and design department is here to turn your dreams into reality.


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